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All Alchemy items will be shipped seperately from other items ordered.
They may take a couple of extra days to be delivered.

Alchemy Marquis de Lune Walking Stick
Ornate, cast pewter top, mounting a giant, 27mm, sparkling, multi-faceted Austrian Swarovski crystal, as befitting the noble nocturn.


Alchemy Beast's Claw Walking Stick
The ultimate gentleman's cane, displaying a heady embodiment of elegance, mysticism and ferocity. Feel the smooth crystal ball rotate in your hand, within the grasp of the handpolished pewter claw. 


Alchemy D'Duke's Polarising Monocle
Believed to be the first optical device to successfully filter polarised light waves, (however, the striated glass element has, sadly, been lost); on approx. 20" long, fine black curb chain with T-bar. 


Alchemy Empire Spur Gear Cufflinks
Archetypal specimens from the age of steam, and demonstrating the advanced state of ones existence by industrial exemplification; with an accent of blue Swarovski crystal.  A pair of pewter, Empire gearwheel cog cufflinks with blue Swarovski crystal.

Alchemy Miasmatic Reactor Core Cufflinks
Removable glass canisters of filtered toxic waste from the atmospheric purifying and energy extraction device, protect the judicious wearer from the constant hazards of 'noxious air'. A pair of Empire, green glass and pewter cufflinks.

Alchemy Temeritas Wings Badge
Airman’s award for abandoned recklessness. 
Width 2.64" x Height 1.42" x Depth 0.47"


Alchemy The Stormgrave Chronometer Clock
Professor Stromgrave's patent celestial chronometer, mapping the forces that govern the passing of eternity.



Alchemy Foundryman's Ring Cross Shirt Sleeve Band
This single, sprung steel, gunmetal coloured sleeve band, has a two-tone pewter Celtic cross-gearwheel motif badge.


Alchemy Key To Progress Shirt Sleeve Band
This single, sprung steel, gunmetal coloured sleeve band, has a two-tone pewter key and cogs motif badge.


Alchemy Claddagh Hair Comb
A skull peers from beneath the enamelled red heart in this gothic variant of the traditional, C17th, Galway symbol of eternal love, friendship and loyalty, by virtue of its heart, skeletal hands and crown, with bones from 'beyond the grave'.