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All Alchemy items will be shipped seperately from other items ordered.
They may take a couple of extra days to be delivered.

Alchemy Rod of Asclepius Pendant
Symbol of the omnipotent Greek god of healing and a natural receptacle for secret and elixial potions; (strong glass vial with cork stopper). 

Chain Length 21 inches

Alchemy Corvus Machina Necklace
Fine English Pewter, Brass Hinges and Etched Inlays, Magnetic Closure, Glass Rods.
Chain Length: Split chain, approx. measuring 21" total


Alchemy Foundryman's Ring Cross
The symbol of the old faith embodied and covertly embedded in the gears and steel of the ironworker's soul.

Chain Length: 18" snake chain

Alchemy Coeur du Moteur Necklace
The heart and soul of a modern, mechanically minded lover, bearing the colour of their life-blood and the intricate workings of their complex mind.

Chain Length: 18" split trace chain

Alchemy Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket
A hidden portrait locket developed from a rare 16th Century instrument, originally used by occultists for divination using the movement of the astral dragon through the heavenly stars.

Chain Length: Approx. 22.5" total

Alchemy Pinkington's Precision Warp-Dissection Shears
Preemptive nanotechnology instrument for precisely cutting the fabric of time.

Chain Length: Split chain, approx. measuring 24" total

Alchemy Septagramic Coercion Gearwheel Key
A secure launch key from a highly advanced travel-machine,
with its mechanical and coded seven-lever bit. 

Chain Length: 22"

Alchemy Cloud Pilots Sextant
This necklace is made from tritone pewter, with a moving brass coloured pendulum set with sighting mirror and
hematite cabochon.  

Chain Length: 21"

Alchemy Ordium Coelestium Mechanicum Necklace
All the rings independently spin upon their own axis,
creating a functioning armillary-sphear. A small smoked
topaz cabochon hi-lights the inner ring.

Chain Length: 22" brass finished curb chain

Alchemy Uncle Albert’s Timepiece Choker
The perfect, miniature 13-hour Lunar-time fob watch and its essential accoutrements from the Victorian era, to grace the lithe neck of a sophisticated steampunk mistress. Inscribed with 'Hora Morti' - the 'Hour of Death'.

Ribbon Length:  Adjustable 

Alchemy Static Traction Dagger Pendant
Advanced prototype, electric-bolt arquebus; a top secret,
ultra-precision, medium range, carriage mounted, rapid deployment field weapon.

Chain Length: 21" with extender chain

Alchemy Chaosium Pendant
A shimmering, metallic hematine cabochon forms the nucleus of this mystery shrouded symbol of anti-order; the eight arrows of chaos. 

Chain Length: 21"

Alchemy Key to the Secret Garden Necklace
This large, ornate and intricately detailed pewter key pendant, is modelled in an early Victorian Art Nouveau style.  Set with a large emerald-green Swarovski crystal and two matching crystal droppers.

Chain Length: 21"

Alchemy Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon
An Alchemy absinthe spoon, signifying an existence dedicated to hedonistic pleasure set with large,
limpid Emerald green Swarovski crystal. 

Chain Length: 21"

Alchemy P508 - Ankh of Tau Pendant
The esoteric Tau Cross combined with the wise and divine serpent, to form the Egyptian ankh of eternal life. In two-tone antique gold plate. 

Chain Length: 21"

Alchemy Serpent's Eye Necklace
A triskelion with sacred healing powers encircling the red abalong snake-eye, to protect against the evil eye.

Chain Length: Split chain, approx. measuring 19"

Alchemy Bacchanal Rose Necklace
A sumptuous necklace with a romantic motif hiding, or revealing, a secret libertine passion for wine and sensual pleasures. Fine English Pewter with Swarovski crystal

Chain Length: 17.5"

Alchemy Viennese Nights Necklace
The decorous Renaissance scrollwork is subtly fashioned in the form of the quintessential creature of the night
. Fine English Pewter with Swarovski crystal .
Chain Length: 18.5"

Alchemy Herz Leben Pendant
A gothsised symbol of eternal life, the ankh, melded subtly with the background heart and prominently surmounted by a sumptuous amethystine gem.

Chain Length: Up to 24"

Alchemy The Palatine Pearls of the Underworld Necklace
From the mantle of the Lord Of The Afterlife, the train of tyrian ‘Crystal Pearls’ are set between grotesque masks of mortality.
Choker Length: Up to 21" with sliding pewter hook fastener

Alchemy Seraph of Light Necklace

A large, pewter, classically styled, angel-winged cartouche bearing a translucent, milky pale pink 25x18mm oval cabochon and with a matching crystal dropper.

Chain Length: 20" split chain

Alchemy Love Imprisoned Pendant
A cruel bouquet of barbed wire ensnaring the anguished crystal heart and tormenting her forlorn lover.  This delicatly sculpted, barbed wire heart, holds a hanging Swarovski heart shaped crystal. 
Chain Length: 21"

Alchemy Dogeressa Choker
This pewter choker is styled amoungst Baroque scrollwork, set with a large Swarovski crystal and with a matching crystal heart dropper, on a black satin velvet hand-tie ribbon.

Black velvet hand tied ribbon, for tying-off at your own length.